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Sunday Meditation

In a new series of posts I intend to transcribe the Meditation section of the parish newsletter each week because I find it very helpful and I am sure other will as well. so, apologies for this first one being so late, I will endeavor to post on Sundays from now on.

Jesus made it very clear that the essence of God’s law – his commandments and way of life must be fulfilled. God’s law is true and righteous because it flows from his love, goodness and holiness. It is a law of grace, love, and freedom for us. That is why God commands us to love him above all else and to follow in the way of his Son, the Lord Jesus who taught us how to love by laying down our lives for one another. Jesus taught reverence for God’s law – reverence for God himself, reverence for the Lord’s Day, reverence or respect for parents, respect for life, for property, for another person’s good name, respect for oneself and one’s neighbour lest wrong or hurtful desired master and enslave us. Reverence and respect for God’s commandments teach us the way of love – love of God and love of neighbour. What is impossible to humans is possible to God who gives generously of his gifts and the Holy Spirit to those who put their faith in him.

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