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Are you ready to believe

Mary had to face an enormous challenge. She was asked to assume a burden of tremendous responsibility. It had never been heard of before that a child could be born without a natural father. Mary was asked to accept this miraculous exception to the laws of nature. that required faith and trust in God and in his promise. Second. Mary was not yet married. Pregnancy outside of wedlock was not tolerated in those days, Mary was only espoused to Joseph, and such an engagement had to last for a whole year. She was asked to assume a great risk. She could and been rejected by Joseph, by her family, by all the people . Mary Knew that Joseph and her family would not understand without revelation from God. She nonetheless believed that rusted in God’s promises. Like Mary, Joseph is a model of faith for us. He is faithful witness and servant of God’s unfolding plan of redemption. Are you ready to believe in the promises of God even when faces with perplexing circumstances and what seams like insurmountable problems? God has not left up alone, but has brought us his only begotten Son, our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. Let us celebrate Christmas, the feast of the Incarnation, with joyful hearts and let ups renew our faith and hope in God and His redeeming work

Edward Finlayson

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