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Help ANYONE who is in need

Through today’s Gospel, Christ calls us to fulfil the role of the Good Samaritan and help ANYONE who is in need, regardless of societal barriers. This parable is an attack on non-involvement toward people in need. Time, money, inconvenience or fear of being sued are used as excuses. We are invited to have hearts of love for anybody who is hurting on any of the Jericho Roads of life. Jesus invites us to have a heart that overflows with love. Love knows no boundaries, and love demands no repayment. The way the beaten man is treated shows three of life’s philosophies: 1. What’s yours is mine — represented by the robbers. 2. What’s mine is mine — represented by the priest and Levite. 3. What’s mine is yours — represented by the Samaritan. What Jesus asks may disturb our world. In this parable, very pious, “holier than thou” folks have to wrestle with the possibility that the core of their spirituality or their livelihood will be ruined by one act of mercy. The Samaritan steps over that question with his stooping down and picking up. How willing are we to have our world turned upside-down? How willing are we to be disturbed or challenged? Do we so badly want to hear what Jesus says that we are willing to be changed dramatically?

Edward Finlayson

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