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Jesus was carried into Jerusalem

On Palm Sunday, Jesus climbed Mount Zion; in his passion, he climbed Mount Calvary. On Palm Sunday, Jesus was carried into Jerusalem; in his passion, he walked carrying his cross. On Palm Sunday, a crowd lined the streets to praise our Lord; a crowd lined the way of the cross too. On Palm Sunday, the crowd took off their cloaks and laid them on the road to honour Jesus; before the cross, Jesus was stripped of his cloak. On Palm Sunday, everyone praised Jesus, calling out “Hosanna!” In his passion, Jesus was insulted, mocked, and laughed at and the crowd shouted “Crucify him”. Peter and Judas walked together with Jesus into Jerusalem on Palm Sunday, they dined with him at the last supper; then they sinned against him in ways that stand in the spotlight of world history—and that crouch in the shadows of every person’s heart of darkness. In a real sense, Peter and Judas dwell in each one of us, not only on account of our common capacity for sin, but on account of our common longing to cure the effects of sin in our lives. The words Frederica Mathewes-Green wrote challenge each one of us – Jesus asks you and me, “Do you love me enough to tell world I have risen?”

Edward Finlayson

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