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Barred from the love of God?

Why would a Samaritan woman walk a mile and  a half in the mid-day heat to fetch her water at a remote well rather then in her local town? She was an outcast and not welcomed among her own townspeople. Jesus then did something no respectable Jew would think of doing. He reached out to her, thus risking ritual impurity and scorn from his fellow Jews. He also did something no strict Rabbi would dare to do in public without loss to hi reputation. He treated the woman like he would treat one of his friends – he greeted her and spoke at length with her. Jesus’ welcoming approach to her was scandalous to both Jews and Samaritans because this woman was an adulteress and public sinner as well. No decent Jew or Samaritan would even think of being seen with such a woman, let alone exchanging a word with her! Jesus broke through the barriers of prejudice, hostility, and tradition to bring the good news of peace and reconciliation to Jews, Samaritans, and Gentiles alike. He demonstrated the universality of teh gospel both in word and deed. No one is barred from the love of God and the good news fo salvation. There is only one thing that can keep us from God and is redeeming love – our stubborn pride and willful rebellion.


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This woman, once Christ had instructed her, became an apostle…
The entirety of her surrender to our Lord is shown from the fact the she left lying there, almost as if forgotten, the for which she had come to the well, the water and the water-pot.So great was her absorption. Hence it is said, the woman put down her water jar and hurried back to the town, went  away to announce the wonderful works of Christ, She cared no longer for the bodily comforts in view of the usefulness of better thins, following in this the example of the Apostles of whom it is said that at once they left there nets and followed him (Mk 1:18)

Saint Thomas Aquinas

Edward Finlayson

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